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Diversity Information

    Jayhawk Chapter of SHRM Diversity Statement

    The Jayhawk chapter of SHRM recognizes, appreciates and fosters the synergy which is created when the environment values the differences in individuals and practices inclusiveness and open communication.

    We are committed to advancing the issue of diversity throughout the association, placing value on all individuals and the different perspectives of those individuals, and promoting the process for all to feel included as part of the whole. Diversity includes race, gender, creed, age, life-style, national origin, disability, gender identity, personality, educational background, and income level.

    At the Jayhawk Chapter of SHRM, diversity represents a message of inclusion and respect for all members and communities in which we do business. The Jayhawk Chapter of SHRM's Diversity Mission is to create a leadership and organizational culture, and networking environment that recognizes and leverages the unique characteristics, talents, and contributions of its members, through discussion groups, providing an HR community, and the National SHRM Initiative, which provides its members with diversity-related research materials, workplace-applicable tools, publications, professional development opportunities and linkages with key organizations.

    Diversity Survey Results

    These are the results of the Jayhawk SHRM Diversity Survey circulated to 86 Jayhawk Chapter Members on April 27, 2012.